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Transportation of plants and flowers

Our company is specializes in transporting plants and cut flowers to and from Italy. The main directives are the Dutch Markets, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria. All vehicles, equipped with state-of-the-art refrigeration systems, guarantee the freshness of the product throughout the journey. We can transport on trolleys, pallets or loose plants.

Transportation of fruit and vegetables

All our vehicles, with latest generation refrigeration systems and certified by ATP certification (Accord Transport Perissable), are able to guarantee an optimal situation for the transport of fruit and vegetables to the main European directives of the sector.

Groupage and complete loads

With trucks suitable for the transport of 33 pallets (800 × 1200 mm) and 38 pallets, all with hydraulic side, we are able to offer you complete loads that arrive at your destination with maximum speed and reliability. We have been carrying paper and other industrial products from Italy to Central and Northern Europe for many years. Thanks also to our collection warehouse at the Pescia Flower Market, we are able to group products of various kinds and offer redistribution in Italy and Europe, optimizing costs and delivery times

Controlled temperature

Thanks to a fleet with latest generation vehicles, equipped with the latest refrigeration system, and the constant commitment to obtaining specific certifications, we are able to offer you the maximum care of the transported products.

Guarantee and quality of service

With a team of drivers specialized in the loading and control of the transported goods, and the constant control of the reliability of our vehicles, the guarantee of a quality transport is our strength.

Tracking of vehicles

All our vehicles are constantly monitored thanks to a reliable satellite control system that allows us to optimize journey times and constantly inform our customers on arrival times.

Quick Deliveries

We take care of the goods transported to their destination quickly and guaranteed, thanks to the presence of 2 drivers for each vehicle of our fleet, which allows us to meet the requirements on road safety, and at the same time offer optimal conditions for the driver.



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